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Robocop (1987) The origin of this blog's title

This blog is titled "I LIKE IT!"

The header image is inspired by this moment from (the original) Robocop:

This title will serve to emphasize the positive. When I spent some time as a film critic at my college newspaper, I learned it's much harder to write a positive review than write a negative one. There's a lot to celebrate in comics and nerd culture.

The header image is illustrated by Marco Roblin, and in the very near future there will be a post highlighting some of his sequential artwork in-progress. I've been privileged to glimpse some of his work in an upcoming comic series, and it's brilliant stuff.

The blog will kick off with a comics focus, but other topics will come soon. The feature image on each blog post will contain an accolade or comment of sorts. Eventually the blog will be upgraded to include a star rating system in that slot, but at the moment, it's limited to straight text.

Milton Lawson

Milton is a writer living in Houston. Comics, travelogues. Go Astros. Go Texans.

A short comic about an indie music shop written by Milton Lawson with art by Dave Chisholm

A travelogue about four friends taking their first trip to Europe. Now available on Amazon.com.