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Trust Her, She's The Doctor

Jodie Whittaker The 13th Doctor

When I think of the qualities of The Doctor, there are a number of essential traits that come to mind. The Doctor is a multi-layered character, full of contradictions: young and old, wise and reckless, constantly changing and remaining the same. But there are some core qualities that span every incarnation of the role.

I can already see most of these aspects of The Doctor in Jodie Whittaker the performer and the individual. The Doctor has a biting wit: in Attack the Block, Whittaker delivered cutting remarks with ease. The Doctor has a melancholic streak, confronting the endless faces of suffering: in Broadchurch, Whittaker emanates a deep reservoir of grief and anguish. The Doctor has moral authority and conviction. In the following clip of her stage performance in Antigone, she's magnificent:

There are many other qualities of our favorite Gallifreyan: kindness, intelligence, and curiosity. And of course there's the eccentric quirks individual to each performer who's taken the role. In interviews, Whittaker reveals herself to contain these attributes the role needs: she's smart, charming, and funny.

But perhaps the most important qualities of the Doctor are courage and an expansion of the humanist outlook to span an infinite universe: valuing all living beings, regardless of point of origin or surface details. This casting affirms the very fibre of the Doctor.

Milton Lawson

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