Orson Welles: Warrior of the Worlds

COMING THIS YEAR FROM SCOUT COMICS!! You’ve seen Orson Welles direct the greatest films of all time. You’ve heard his thunderous voice on the radio pulling off the infamous prank “War of the Worlds” broadcast. BUT NOW, FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER, the truth is finally revealed: THE BROADCAST WAS REAL–Welles lived a secret double…

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Thompson Heller: Detective Interstellar

The Detective Interstellar travels the universe solving morally ambiguous, impossible cases that only Thompson Heller could solve! Thompson Heller is a private detective who travels the stars solving impossible cases steeped in moral intrigue! Heller encounters an old friend accused of murder, religious zealots, android civil rights activists, an invisible river, an astrophysics eccentric warping…

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Roger Ebert & Me

“Roger Ebert and Me” is a comic short that is a magical road trip through cinema taken alongside one of the medium’s greatest champions. Written by Milton Lawson with art by Rem Broo. The short was selected as a finalist for the Ghost City Comics competition. Roger Ebert and Me won me over on pretty…

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Splinter City

“Splinter City” is a cyberpunk comic about Russian gangsters on a floating city in space. Written by Milton Lawson. Art by Jacob Dudek. Coming to Kickstarter in 2023.

Home Planet Advantage

“Home Planet Advantage” is a sports manga written by Milton Lawson coming soon. Subscribe to my email newsletter for updates.